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The spirit of clock day lives on, even if alot of people don't get it.

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Pop-Tart responds:


Finaly some effort!

Best flash I've seen all day, good job.

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LotusClock responds:

There's actually been quite a few quality Clock Day Flashes submitted today. Thanks for giving mine a chance.

Like it!

Nice to see someone covering these type of topics on Newgrounds, plenty of info that people should know at a pace that almost forces people to listen. Graphics were fitting for the animation. Good job.

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This game is great and I love your commitment to improving it, The only thing gripe I have is that when I leave the tab this game is in it pauses. Also I would really like to see something to work towards, some kind of reward for killing the boss and maybe something to carry over to the next reset based on what you have achieved in you're current run other than improving click damage.

Other then that I love the game and can't wait to see it after you've tinkered with it a bit more.

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laFunk responds:

Appreciated! About the tab pausing thing, you can try to open the game in a new window. And now with the Soulbound items you got something to work on!
I'm thinking on adding a true definitive ending, let's see!
Thanks for the feedback

I love the design and I'm looking forward to more work being put in. A few big points I came across:
1 it's very easy to build a tower over a mine and there is no sell button.
2 there is no restart button until you have lost all of your lives so you have to just wait to die.
3 the difficulty increase in level 3 is a little over the top.
4 the helicopter doesn't seem to do anything.
other than that you're doing well, good luck with it.

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Nice work

Realy like this one.
generates the same kind of atmosphere without being to much of a clone to the original.

Good job.

SimMa-T responds:


Liked it

FF8 where all the characters are mice.
this would be perfect!


This is so under rated!


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